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6 Precious Wedding Moments You Want to Capture on Video

To be fair, about every little moment of this very special occasion; formally known as wedding is rather precious! This is despite the stresses that go with most weddings. Even as professional wedding videographers, the love, affection, joy and tears are no less moving no matter how many weddings we cover and showcase!

At the same time there are certain moments relating to weddings that in our experience always make for stunning, endearing and entertaining wedding video material. Moments that no matter how many times, viewed, never get old!

6 Precious Wedding Moments You Want to Capture on Video

We’re going to list six utterly precious wedding moments that you might want to make sure are a part of your upcoming wedding video! Here they are!

Start With the Proposal

Though this one is only advisable if you’re pretty certain that proposal won’t go south, many professional wedding videographers suggest starting the filming from the point where you propose. This would include your partner’s first reaction to the proposal and possibly the dinner or festivities that follow a yes.

If not the proposal you could always start with shots of the relationship prior to the wedding post proposal but when the couple is not yet married.

The Planning

There is usually at least on big wedding planning session before the main event if not multiple little sit downs where everything from dresses and upholstery to the menu and guest lists is discussed. Having your wedding videographer document at least one of these (fun yet chaotic) sit downs usually makes for brilliant wedding video content!

The Preparation

Here, by preparation we mean the moments before the main event. Clips of both of you rushing about with your entourages to get dressed for the main event are full of film-worthy exchanges. If you opt for a wedding video package offering multiple videographers, you can have them split so one can follow the bride and the other the groom

This way you get the very important video content of those final pre-wedding moments!


First Looks

This won’t be the first time you lay eyes on your intimate other or vice versa! At the same time, some couples deliberately don’t see each other in their wedding attire until the very day. The moment they step into the venue together and see each other, the initial look on the faces of each is well worth capturing and not to be missed. A good wedding videographer will probably be ready for this one.

First Kiss/Altar Clips


The first kiss after the vows have been recited is truly a monumental one! Capturing this first kiss as well as ensuing reactions of key family members and loved ones is a great idea. Those moments at the altar, the first kiss and what rolls out immediately after is not to be missed!

The Toasting

People toast weddings in different ways. Wedding toasts can go from emotional and moving to hilarious and downright embarrassing at times! In any case, how your friends, family and loved ones wish you well is definitely worth saving and savoring for years to come!

What is Important to You?

What you need to remember is that though the moments above are those we suggest, it is your wedding video; hence deciding what moments you want to prioritize is really on you! You can always connect with a professional wedding videographer Miami and discuss your wedding video options. Those of you looking for wedding videography service in Miami have us! Till next time folks!Weddings as many might agree can be quite stressful when it comes to organizing and preparation. Those of us who opt to have videographers present to document and showcase the jubilant occasion feel like we have one more thing to stress about.

Where psychologists have their methods for handling wedding stress, all we as professionals want you to know is when it comes to your videos, you couldn’t be more wrong! What many forget is where the wedding in question may be your one and only, for a professional wedding videographer, it’s not the first rodeo!

5 Things Your Wedding Videographer Wants You to Know

There are a few things many wedding videographers wish their clients were aware of but in most cases are polite enough not to point out for fear of coming off as offensive.

If you read the five pointers below though, you will realize they relate more to your own convenience and peace of mind than anything else!

A Professional Relationship Works Fine

Many couples feel like in order to work well with a wedding videographer, they need to form some sort of bond or connection which slightly transcends the professional. Not true! Most professional wedding videographers don’t need special treatment or any kind of coddling. Bonding sessions too are also unnecessary!

An adept professional wedding videographer will be more than happy to deliver if you maintain a professional relationship based in mutual respect and fulfillment of commitment!

The Sidelines Count


You might think that your first steps into the venue, first kiss or first dance are what will be thrilling to watch years along the line. This is true however; many professional wedding videographers agree that the hidden gems occurring along the way are not to be missed. These include the process of decking up, last minute decisions and the moments just before the standard formalities begin.

It is shots of the little laughs, trials, bloopers and emotional moments along the way that make for really great viewing even years and years down!

Do Not Underestimate the Importance of Light

Wedding videographers can sometimes stress on the important of maintaining time boundaries. The reason they do this is in order to catch the right light to film in. It is good lighting that makes for the really dazzling and romantic fairytailesque shots.

Keeping this in mind, it helps not to press your videographer and take their suggestions by way of lighting and hence their suggestions by way of what time would be ideal for shooting seriously!

Your Videographer is Human

Just like everyone else at the wedding (caterers, waiters, guests and all included) your wedding videographer too is human. Weddings can last for hours during which food and drink is also served. Just make sure you don’t have your wedding videographer running like a machine from start to finish!


Filming and doing the job well is hard work (if you don’t believe us, walk around with a camera for an hour and you’ll get what we mean)! If you want your videographer to really give you outstanding wedding video results, make sure you give them a few minutes in between to break, freshen up and re-energize with a bite!

It’s About You!

People sometimes over-plan their wedding videos to the point that all the beautiful nuances of the individual relationship are lost. Miami wedding videographers believe that it is the people themselves and the love between them that make a wedding video. In a sense, there is a degree beyond which you should drop the planning, be yourself and let the wedding videographer do the work!

Winding Down

Chances are if you follow the pointers above, you won’t be disappointed at the wedding video you receive and will probably end up with a something you can cherish and revisit for a lifetime! So don’t let this be “the good advice you just didn’t take” in the words of Alanis Morsette!

Keep the points above in mind and rest assured that you’ll have a wedding video for the ages! If you’re looking for a professional wedding video services or professional wedding videographer Miami, we’ve got you covered!

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