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Here’s Why Wedding Videography is Better than Photography


While it’s true that a picture speaks a thousand words, it doesn’t always make your imagination come to life.

Imagine sitting with your wedding day album. Beautiful photographs, captured in utter brilliance; your special day’s special moments.

You want to re-live each moment, tell the tale of your passionate romance to your children. But unfortunately, you can’t remember the elaborate details.

The breath-taking view from the hotel, the intimate dance you shared with your significant other and the awkward but adorable exchange between guests—you wish to relive those moments but you can’t.

How unfortunate would that be? Remaining only a treasured memory; forever stored in your heart.

This is where videography steals the spotlight!

There’s nothing more beautiful than two souls caught in a moment of complete surrender and a video to capture every second of it!

Personal and Up-Close

A photograph can be displayed around the house but it will never capture the intimacy you share with your loved ones.

It freezes time for a single moment. But video freezes time for all the cherished moments you live for. Your first dance together, walking down the aisle, little Tommy dabbing a piece of cake on his little sister’s cheek—all of these are captured closely.

You can re-live these moments again and again, anytime you want!

Freeze Your Favorite Scenes

Videography gives you complete control over the content you want to see. Unlike a photograph—a moment captured according to the cameraman’s preference—you get to decide which moment you want to freeze!

You can get creative and create your own album. You can even create your own montage! Add your own music and recreate your wedding movie; just the way YOU like it!

It Changes Your Perception Completely

Now, photographs are great and every couple should have a wedding album. But video changes your perception completely. You get to see your special day in a new light.

You’re so busy mingling with guests and trying to keep up with everyone that you can’t watch all the special moments of your big day!

Videography lets you enjoy your day without any worries. You can view the footage anytime you want!

These are just a few reasons to invest in videography for your upcoming wedding!

But one thing most couples do go wrong with is hiring the wrong videographer.

It’s your special day and it shouldn’t be compromised because of amateur videography.

A professional has the right resources and tools to transform your Big Day into something even more special!

So, if you’re looking for a wedding videographer in Miami for your special day, we at IKON FILMS offer innovative video production services for weddings and all your intimate events.

Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

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