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Here’s Why You Should Have a Beach Wedding

Emerald-green waters, white-washed coastlines decorated with seashells, and warm, grainy soft sand tickling the corners of your toes—beaches define summertime fun. If you don’t want an extravagant wedding, instead, something more personal and intimate, a beach wedding is the right answer. You don’t have to be an event planner to know that planning a wedding can require a lot of patience. There’s guests, choosing the right gown, designing the cake, and making sure that everything goes according to plan. But what’s more beautiful than enjoying the sunset in all its glory, running rampant on the soft sand with no shoes, dancing to your favorite music with loved ones, and having a gorgeous seaside ceremony? A beach wedding is well-worth considering. We’ve devised a list of reasons why:

It’s an Intimate Affair

Rather than a grand affair where the vulnerability of everything going wrong (You’re still not invited, Murphy) runs rampant, a beach wedding promises a more personal occasion. Furthermore, it gives you the perfect excuse to spend more time with your guests. So, all in all, you can have the perfect “traditional” wedding!

¬ A Priceless Ambiance

Why pay thousands of dollars on lighting and décor when you have the power of Mother Nature? With natural lighting, you can never go wrong. Deck out your banquet hall with various flowers, add some tea lights and celebrate your special day with the love of your life, and people who matter the most to you.

¬ An Adventure of a Lifetime

So ditch the classic wedding activities and add some adventure. Book a boat tour and invite your guests for scuba diving fun. You can also go snorkeling, add a big jumping castle (Hey, it’s not just for kids!) and even go windsurfing. It’s guaranteed that your guests will remember your wedding day for years to come!It’s your wedding; you get to decide! One of the best things about beach weddings is that you can even plan one during winters. You can never go wrong with one. But one thing most couples do go wrong with is hiring the wrong videographer. It’s your special day and it shouldn’t be compromised because of amateur videography. A professional has the right resources and tools to transform your Big Day into something even more special! So, if you’re looking for a videographer Miami for your special day, we at IKON FILMS offer affordable wedding videography Miami and all your intimate events. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

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