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Awkward Moments We’ve All Witnessed At Weddings

It goes without saying; in a fit of passion or excitement, we’ve all done or said outrageous things.

I would take a bullet for you

If it’s not you, it’s nobody else

Who cares about an engagement ring?

And despite the fact that most people plan their wedding day ahead of time, that still doesn’t mean that what’s bound to happen, won’t happen.

Everyone knows that the best type of wedding is one where you’re met with unexpected but hilarious situations; moments where you question yourself, and a guest list that comprises people who make everything worth it in the end.

With that in mind, there are awkward, yet unforgettable moments, we’ve all faced when attending a wedding, some of which are:

The Adorable Flower Girl We Can’t Forget  

She’s definitely prettier than the bride and she knows this! She wants you to know this too. Why is the videographer focusing on the groom and bride instead of her?

She takes jumps on stage, pulling her little brother along with her. Clearly, he’s shy (she isn’t) and she wants the camera to focus on her. She realizes everyone is looking at, gets stage fright and the rest is history.

 It’s adorable, yet funny in its own way.

The Sassy Grandpa

📷📷We all know that one grandpa at every wedding that has a hilarious comeback for everything you say. He’s sarcastic, quick-witted and knows exactly what to say at the right time, at the right moment!

Anyone got an objection to the couple getting married? Well, he’s objecting you, so take a seat!

The Confused Guy Who Doesn’t Know Anyone

One of your friend’s been dating someone for a couple of months and decides to bring them along as a one-plus.

She goes off somewhere and the poor soul is left standing, questioning his very existence. He’s shy and doesn’t know anyone.

He soon encounters Sassy Grandpa and you know how the rest goes…

That Bridesmaid With an Obvious Crush

The best man is giving his speech. She’s looking at him as if she’s found her Mr. McDreamy. She follows every word he says, remembers his next line. Corrects him when he messes up a little and she’s probably planning a wedding of her own!

Cue…Awkward Dance Time

It’s time for dancing and everyone is dancing like nobody’s watching! The couple is having the time of their lives, so who really cares?

Everyone’s so wrapped up in it; they’re not even paying attention anyway!

Weddings can be awkward but fun. You can’t ensure that your wedding day will be perfect but it’s these moments that make your special day special.

Capture them on film so that you can re-live for years to come!

At IKON FILMS, we offer wedding videography service in Miami. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our services!

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