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We will be with you every step of the day to create riveting and exciting film and photographs that you will be proud to share with your friends, family, and loved ones...

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FREE Engagement Photoshoot when you book photography+videography package for your wedding day.

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Photography is an essential part of your big  day. It is also a gift that you give to yourself. The gift of beautiful memories that you will be enjoying for decades to come. Taking pictures is easy, creating images that capture the spirit of your wedding is art. And that is  how we work. From the initial phone calls to the wedding day we build our relationship with the couple. Learning about the client's vision and taste allows us to provide a unique and personal approach to creation of those images. We make the process of taking pictures enjoyable and a lot fun.   That is what Ikon Films is all about. We want you to live your wedding day having a blast- all without  worrying about photos. Our couples know that they can trust us to give them a luxury experience while having a good time. 

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Wedding photos, no matter how beautifully captured, are not a substitute for videos. While photos capture specific moments of your wedding the film is able to preserve the essence of it.

At Ikon Films we don't cut corners. Our film production includes multiple cameras, wireless microphones for crystal clear sound, aerial videography (drone). By using most up to date film technology combined with deep knowledge of the craft we are able to achieve outstanding results and bring you the film that will exceed your expectations.

One of most crucial parts of film making is professional editing. All our films are edited and supervised by a professional theater and film director Igor Konyukhov. You may learn about him by visiting his website  

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Combine & Save

A photographer jumping in the video shot right before the groom kisses the bride? Annoying tripod photo bombing each and every photograph of your ceremony? Don't let it happen to you. Having a well coordinated professional team to take care of wedding photography and filming can relief you of such problem.

At Ikon Films we provide a well trained and experienced team  you can trust.

While hiring photographer and videographer separately can come in a higher cost we offer a discount for couples that trust us to provide both photo and video services. 

Want to know the details - shoot us an email.

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