A picture is worth a thousand words. One minute of film is over a thousand pictures filled with your emotions, love and happiness. At Ikon Films we cherish deeply those beautiful moments. We are proud to capture them in artfully created films. Your first dance, walk down the aisle, the eyes of your loved one saying, "I do!"- all that will be preserved forever in film. 

Wedding photos, no matter how beautifully captured, are not a substitute for videos. While photos capture specific moments of your wedding the film is able to preserve the essence of it.

At Ikon Films we don't cut corners. Our film production includes multiple cameras, wireless microphones for crystal clear sound, aerial videography (drone). By using most up to date film technology combined with deep knowledge of the craft we are able to achieve outstanding results and bring you the film that will exceed your expectations.

One of most crucial parts of film making is professional editing. All our films are edited and supervised by a professional theater and film director Igor Konyukhov. You may learn about him by visiting his website  

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